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About Howdy

Howdy is a privately-owned, Australian company established in 2023. We are focused on helping connect those in Agriculture, Rural or Regional Australia and those ready to find a farmer! We are talking no swiping, Australia-wide radius, a search function and instant matches who are truly compatible.


It started with an Idea

After attempting and failing to find love online, Mia realised that she wasn’t able to fine-tune her searches enough to get matched with a like-minded country boy. And found herself even clicking on people wearing a cap or a picture with a Kelpie! The few dates that she finally ventured on made it clear that generic dating apps just don’t get what it is to be in ag or live in rural Australia. There simply isnt enough in common to get through a first date let alone a relationship. Currently, dating apps seem to be a number game; Howdy is changing that.


Our founder

Howdy was founded by Mia Ryan after she saw firsthand the gap in the dating market for the rural sector, and because she herself was unable to make a true connection with a fellow farmer.

Mia is a horse trainer/breaker at the family farm in the Hunter Valley NSW. Alongside riding, breeding and managing the farm, she is also studying Agriculture full time at UNE in preparation of upscaling to a much larger production.

This app has been created by a young woman who knows – firsthand – what it means to be single, in agriculture,  in rural Australia.


Where we are taking our idea

To have Howdy as THE dating app used for people in Agriculture is our biggest goal. This would mean we are really making a difference and helping to positively shift the way of life in the bush. Dating is one of the things in life that should bring joy; not heartache.


Don’t let past dating app faux pas turn you off – dive in and join Howdy

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