General questions

I have a promo code how do I redeem it?

At the moment until our next update, you can redeem your promo code by jumping onto the Apple/Google play store and clicking on your profile in the top right corner. From there you will see the redeem promo code link.

Don’t worry! Your account is still there nothing has been wiped. You may have been logged out for a number of reasons but more importantly how to get back in; it is important to take note of how you created your account initially.

If you created the account via email you will login that way. However if you made an account using Apple/Facebook/Google you will need to use that same account to log back in – your email address will not be recognised.

“Farmer” can be a very general term so we understand the confusion! Howdy is for anyone and everyone involved in agriculture in whatever form that may be. Graziers, croppers, bee keepers, vignerons, bull riders, horse trainers, hobby farmers – you name it.

Absolutely! Always wanted to meet your special someone with those good ol’ country values? Fancy moving out west and have a yearning for wide open spaces? Howdy has you covered.

Your radius can be as wide or as narrow as you feel comfortable. Remember, when you find your match you should be genuinely willing to have a relationship with someone in that location. So, if long distance and/or the idea of moving isn’t something you are in the position to do, narrow your radius.  If you are ready to dive in and make the move give it a go and make your search Australia wide.

If there is an area you’re particularly interested in but not where you’re currently living, turn off your location services, type in your dream location, set a radius and let the farmers roll in!

This is easy! For whatever reason you can simply click block. You can view anyone you have blocked in your settings, and undo it at any point.

Should you want to report, this pops up when you block. There are a couple of different categories to choose from and a short description can be added. These reports are taken very seriously and further action may be required.


Do I need to enter my card details to enable the 7 day free trial?

Due to the requirements of both Apple and Google payments, card details are required to start the 7 day free trial. However, no transaction will occur unless you wish to continue using the Howdy Global app. At any time it is easy to cancel your subscription and come back later!

There are no hidden secrets. There is one level of subscription for everyone. Enjoy a seven-day free trial to get you kick started and from then on it’s $8.07 per week, paid monthly.

As much as we would hate to see you go, Howdy has made it a straightforward process when cancelling a subscription.

Head into “My Profile” on the app, click on the settings icon on the top right corner of the page, followed by “Subscription Details”. From there it will have when your next payment is due, how much you are paying per month and an easy way to cancel the subscription – it’s so easy because with Howdy, we are confident you will find love.

Alternatively you can also cancel your subscription through your phones subscription settings or via the app/play store!

All payments are made through Apple or Google Play store so all credit card information can be updated directly via their website!

We recognise the risks involved in making online payments and have taken the uncertainty away by strictly using Apple or Google Play stores directly for all transactions.

Your account will be charged at the same time each month via an auto renewal subscription. This begins from the first day your paid subscription kicks in – after your seven-day free trial of course!When this next payment will take place is easy to find in the “Subscription Settings” within your profile on the Howdy app.